V2 Bodybuilding Accessory Program

V2 Bodybuilding Accessory Program

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Introducing the highly anticipated IBEX Body Building Accessory 2.0 program! Due to the overwhelming demand following V1's success, we've created an entirely new program with a similar training style.

This is a 6-week program with 4 sessions per week, including a dedicated day for building a lean and toned core.

Designed with higher rep ranges, this program focuses on muscle growth and definition.

At IBEX, we believe in not only being fit but also looking as good as you feel.

These programs can be completed independently, and V1 is not a prerequisite for V2.

If you've already completed V1, you'll love this fresh take on the training style you enjoyed.

Don't forget to check out IBEX Body Building 1.0 as well if you haven't already.

For sample days of this program, email info@ibextrained.com.

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