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8 Week Track Guide 1.0

8 Week Track Guide 1.0

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8 Weeks to Becoming a Faster Runner! 

This 3 day per week program is designed to help you work on your speed of running along with teaching you how to understand and learn your pacing! It starts with a 1 Mile test and ends with a 1 mile test so you can see how much fast you have become over the 8 weeks! 

Day 1 is longer intervals (800m-1500m) at a sustained effort. Day 2 is HIGH INTENSITY with shorter faster intervals and Day 3 is OPTIONAL longer running (up to 5 miles). It is not designed or beginners just getting starting with running.

This program is tried and tested and we are confident you WILL not only get results but love the process and the program too!! 


What are you waiting for? LET'S GET STARTED!!!



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