This is a high volume program that incorporates advanced skills, strength work, olympic weightlifting, tons of accessory work, metabolic and zone2 conditioning pieces.

Take your training to the next level

Are you an experienced CrossFitter aiming to crush the CrossFit Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, even the Games? IBEX: Comp Prep has the structure, progressions and experience to help get you there!

Developed for CrossFit athletes seeking to improve their performance during the CrossFit season, this high-volume program incorporates advanced skills, strength work, Olympic weightlifting, ample accessory work, and both long and short metabolic conditioning pieces. The structure is designed to be productive and challenging, without beating you into the ground.

This program has been tested and refined over an 8-year period where we trained and competed at the CrossFit Games. We understand what it takes to compete at the sport's highest level, and we also acknowledge the importance of maintaining health and avoiding injuries. We've discovered the crucial role of bodybuilding and accessory work in developing muscle mass, increasing rep volume, and breaking strength plateaus, while also promoting overall fitness and health.

Structured and Effective Training Blocks

Instead of tiring you out with metcon after metcon, we prioritize quality. We've segmented the training days into blocks, each focusing on a different aspect of your fitness:

Kickstart your day with a general warm-up routine.

Morning Mono
A staple is morning mono structural workout to build your engine.

Strength Work
Progression based strength work to develop top end strength.

Structured conditioning session with a wide variety of movements, time domains and workout structure.

Skill Work
Devoting time to learning/improving CrossFit skills with targeted practice outside of metcons.

Accessory Work
Rounding off most training days with accessory exercises is a foundation in all our programs.

Optional Extra Work
Feel up to more? Optional extra components to push your limits further.

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