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Fitness Redefined

Looking for a fun/challenging program that delivers results?! We have the program for you! We offer 3 Monthly Subscription Programs! Click the link below or the pictures below to learn more about each program! 1 Week FREE trial on all programs!!

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Why IBEX Training?

Life can be busy and unpredictable. In the midst of all the daily challenges, we know how difficult a maintainable fitness and nutrition regimen can be to tackle on your own.

At IBEX, our mission is to provide a blueprint for success to help you overcome those daily obstacles and reach your health and fitness goals! 

We create each and every IBEX program with the intention to help you maximize your time spent exercising, while minimizing the overall time spent doing it to help you live a balanced life. 

We are here to help you become the best version of yourself! Click below to learn more about all of our monthly subscription programs! 

Join IBEX Training Today!


After following Kristi on Youtube. We both liked how Kristi and Pat trained , had great personalties and always seemed to have fun. We found out that they did programming and jumped on board with Ibex home. Really enjoyed their workouts , the intensity and level for us was spot on. We then decided to add Ibex 60 as we had some equipment that we could introduce. These are structured perfectly and we finish knowing we’ve worked. Having the two programmes side by side, we can alternate depending on how we feel , on work commitments or if our kit becomes too limited. We have noticed an increase in our fitness, we’ve become competitive against each other in a nice way and we always have fun. This has been a great investment in ourselves and can’t recommend highly enough. The only problem is having to take a rest day or two but that’s a nice problem to have as we just love the programmes.

- Meirion