IBEX60 Strength & Conditioning

A flagship Strength and Conditioning (crossfit style) program that has been evolving for 7 years, and put thousands of members through workouts!

Dynamic Workouts, Consistent Structure, Maximum Results

This is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that has changed thousands of bodies and their level of fitness, delivering impactful results in 60min per day. We focus on progressions, not only in strength components, but also in conditioning. Our mission is to help change the way you look, feel and perform!

IBEX60 maximizes your 60 min workout session

Jumpstart your workout with a short general warmup to get your blood flowing and muscles ready.

Strength/Skill Work
Improve your lifting skills with a strength component that alternates between squats, deadlifts, pressing, and bodybuilding.

Metabolic Conditioning Piece
Engage in varied and intense metabolic conditioning workouts that will keep you guessing and your heart pumping.

Accessory Work/Bodybuilding
Wrap up your daily training with accessory work that may include mono-structural conditioning, bodybuilding/accessory exercises, or core work.

While the structure remains constant, the specifics of each day's workouts and strength exercises will vary widely, ensuring an engaging experience that never feels stale.

One App, One Membership, Endless Possibilities

Joining the IBEX family means access to not just one, you're unlocking access to all 6 of our badass training programs. You can follow this program as written, or mix it up with our other programs.

Train on Your Terms
No matter where you are or what time it is, with our fitness app, you're never far away from your next workout Train anywhere, anytime whether you at home, your gym, or traveling!

Customizable and Personalized Training
Your fitness journey is unique, and we understand that. Personalize your workout plan, track your progress in real time, and you can reach out to us, or the community any time!

Connect and Thrive
Join our IBEX community on our app and private Facebook group. Share your journey, celebrate wins, join in on exciting challenges with other IBEX members because together, we thrive!

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