Looking to take your fitness serious, but not spend the entire day in the gym? IBEX60 is for you!!

We understand that most people get about an hour a day to workout, and we make sure you get the most out of that hour of training. Upon sign up you will get a 1 week FREE trial, to make sure it is a good match for you!

  • Warm Up 
  • Strength/skill work 
  • Metabolic conditioning piece 
  • Accessory work/ bodybuilding

Though the structure will look similar each day, the workouts and strengths will varry widely from day to day. This is an excample of what any given day can look like. 

:90 second row
2 rounds:
6 lunges
6 pushups
6/6 banded strict press
3 down ups

3 sets:
12 DB triceps ext (single DB)
12-15 pushups (use plates for a deficit if possible)
6-8 Wide grip pullups (use a band if needed, focus is a full range of motion. Full ext at the bottom and chin as high over the bar as you can get it)

rest 1:00 between sets


8 Min amrap:
20 situps
10/8 Cal row
5 DB Box step overs 45/25s

rest 2:00

6:00 amrap:
20 lunges
10/10 single arm DB S2OH 45/25
5 burpee box jumps

rest 2:00

4:00 amrap:
10/8 cal row
5 devils press 45/25s

Accessory work:

5 rounds:
1:00 standing bike
:30 sec wall sit

:30 sec rest between rounds 


The program is delivered through an app called WODIFY ATHLETE , you will receive access to the full week of workouts Sunday at 8pm !