This program combines bodybuilding/accessory work & conditioning to change the way you look feel and perform.

All new PERFORMANCE AESTHETICS block Starts Monday!!

Ready love your workouts again? PFA blends Bodybuilding, Accessory work, Running & conditioning so you actually see the progress of all your hard work.

This PFA block will focus heavily on “drop sets” through secondary lifts. Drop sets are a training technique where you will be performing a set to failure, then immediately reducing the weight and continuing directly into the next set. This method is incredibly effective for stimulating stubborn muscles, as it forces them to work harder and longer in a fatigued state. This means increased muscle fiber recruitment, which is highly favorable for muscle hypertrophy.

For our primary lifts we will be focusing on

Box Squats: Building to a heavy double, to improve your squatting mechanics, targeting posterior chain engagement, and explosive power. 

10s on Dead Stop Deadlifts: Requiring you to reset the bar on the ground between each rep. This method focuses on your starting strength, improves technique, and ensures you’re lifting with maximum force on each rep.

3s on Strict Press: By eliminating the use of leg drive, the strict press isolates the shoulders and triceps, promoting muscular growth. This is crucial for building overhead strength and improving overall upper body performance.

Any given session can be completed in 45-60 min.

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