Our training blocks use progressions and variations of the 3 main lifts. Each day includes accessory work that compliments these lifts.

Progression based strength program

The Strength Accessory program revolves around the 3 main lifts the squat, pull, and push with variations of these movements and a ton of accessory work. This program runs in 12 week cycles made up of 3, 4 week blocks. Each exercise has a video demo in app.

This program is about pushing top end strength with a strategic and sustainable progression. Alongside these main lifts, you'll also engage in high volume of accessory work. This systematic approach ensures you develop comprehensive strength without overworking any single muscle group while overcoming imbalances and targeting smaller muscle groups to stay healthy and injury free.

Progressive Strength Training

IBEX Strength Accessory, we understand that true strength isn't built overnight. Our program is structured around progressions, taking your current strength levels and pushing the envelope a little further each week.

Sessions start with a general warm up

Main Lifts
The day's main lift, whether it's a squat, pull, or push, with video demos for all movements.

Accessory Work
Targeted accessory work that fosters well-rounded strength and aids injury prevention.

Cool Down
Wind down with a light cool-down routine

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