This program combines bodybuilding/accessory work & conditioning to change the way you look feel and perform.


Is your workout routine feeling like a chore, or an ineffective grind? The Performance Aesthetics Program blends Bodybuilding, Accessory work, Running and Long conditioning workouts to help you look incredible, feel invincible, and see and feel the progress of your hard work.

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Your Workouts, Your Way

Our Performance Aesthetics Program is all about flexibility. Every week, we set you up with a 3-day bodybuilding split, a fullbody bodybuilding day, an interval running day, a long steady-state cardio day, and 4 core workouts.

Got a busy week ahead? No worries - rearrange them to suit your schedule. Every movement has a video demo in app, along with a movement library of hundreds of exercises.

Embrace the PFA

Performance Aesthetics (PFA) is all about compound movements and high-volume accessory work. We keep things simple with free weights for compound movements - ideal for home gym junkies and functional fitness facilities. Each 4-week block focuses on progressions of both the compound lifts and all accessory work, starting new movements and progressions after each cycle. PFA is a look-good, feel-good program that is all about the gains!

One App, One Membership, Endless Possibilities

Joining the IBEX family means access to not just one, you're unlocking access to all 6 of our training programs. You follow the Performance Aesthetics Program as written, or mix it up with our other programs.

Train on Your Terms
No matter where you are or what time it is, with our fitness app, you're never far away from your next workout Train anywhere, anytime whether you at home, your gym, or traveling!

Customizable and Personalized Training
Your fitness journey is unique, and we understand that. Personalize your workout plan, track your progress in real time, and you can reach out to us, or the community any time!

Connect and Thrive
Join our IBEX community on our app and private Facebook group. Share your journey, celebrate wins, join in on exciting challenges with other IBEX members because together, we thrive!

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