If you can't make it to a gym and building a home gym just isn't feasible, then IBEX HOME is the program for you!

All you need is a single DB and a jumprope for this program! 

IBEX HOME is a well rounded program that includes bodybuilding for strength and toning, core workouts, and killer HIIT/conditioning piece each day!

Each Day will take 40 minutes or less! The program includes a variety of workout styles that deliver results! 

Upon signup you will get a FREE week trial to make sure this program is the right match for you!

--- SAMPLE DAY ---

Warm up

3 Rounds:
5 No Contact Burpees
5 AIr Squat + toe Touch
5 Scap Push Ups


3 Rounds not For Time:

10 Single Arm DB. Floor Press
10 Bent over rows
10 seated DB press per arm
10 Seated Tricep Ext
- Rest as needed between sets


4 Rounds:
3 Min AMRAP/ 1 min rest -- always pick up where you left off

20 Mountain Climbers (for speed)
10 DB Thruster on R
10 DB Thruster on L
10 Alt Curtsey Lunges w Goblet Hold (5 per leg)
5 No Contact Burpees

Score is TOTAL rounds and reps over the 4 Round

The program is delivered through an app called WODIFY ATHLETE , you will receive access to the full week of workouts Sunday at 8pm !