about us

We love fitness programing, its what we do! Ibex Training is on a mission to change the way you look, feel, and perform.


The name symbolizes the powerful, adaptable, spirit of the Ibex. A mountain goat known for its unparalleled balance, strength, agility and resilience.

Just as the Ibex thrives in the harshest environments, we are committed to building a community that conquers their own personal mountains.

Harnessing the agility, endurance, and vitality that it takes to overcome obstacles, navigate challenges, and reach our highest potential.

We love fitness programming, it's what we do!

We dont just talk the talk, we have been clocking miles and reps for decades, and we actually do the programming we put out.

Whether you aspire to change your body composition, or become more of an athlete, we create programs to help YOU get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to all programs? - Yes, all members have access to our current and future programs added to the app.

Can I mix programs? Yes! Each track is written as a stand alone program, though we have a ton of members that enjoy adding or mixing pieces from multiple programs.

Is there a Commitment? No. You are free to cancel any time before your free trial ends. There is no commitment or charge to try it out for 7 days.

How do I Cancel? Members can cancel at any point. There is no cancelation fee, or commitment. To cancel your free trial or membership, email us at info@ibextrained.com 24 hours prior to your membership renewal!

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