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V2 Bodybuilding Accessory Program

V2 Bodybuilding Accessory Program

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The IBEX Body Bulilding Accessory 2.0 program is here! V1 is one of our most sought after progams and the demand for a V2 lead us to build an entirely new program with a similar training style as V1.

This is a 4 day per week program that runs for 6 total weeks with one day esignated specifically to building a lean toned core!

The program is designed around higher rep ranges to grow and define targeted muscle groups. We believe it is great to BE fit, but is is also great to look as good as you feel! 

These programs do not have to be compleated together, and V1 does not need to be compleated before V2. If you have already compleated V1, this is a whole new program that incorporates a similar style of traning you loved from the first version!

If you haven't already make sure to also check out IBEX Body Building 1.0.

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