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IBEX Training

Strength/ Accessory Program

Strength/ Accessory Program

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This is a 8 week Strength/accessory progression with sessions 3 days a week alternating between Upper and Lower Body! It is perfect to help you build muscle, add strength and break plateaus! It is tried and tested and will completely change up your training style and routine! 

We built in progressions over the 8 weeks focusing on developing fast twitch muscle fibers as well as increase overall strength movements throughout the 8 weeks! This  program can be repeated and revisited any time! Whether you are looking for increased strength and want to become more explosive this is a killer program that will deliver results for you!

This program comes with a Video library that has a demo of every movement and exercise.


This program and style of training has gotten Kristi O'Connell at 128lbs to..

Front squat- 281

Deadlift - 380

12 rep deadlift - 285

Back Squat - 330

8 Rep Back squat 295

This program and style of training has gotten Patrick O'Connell at 185lbs to..

Snatch - 290

Clean - 365

* this is not a weightlifting program, but gettiing stronger directly impacts your ability to snatch and clean heavier weight.


Feel Free to reach out with any questions or to get a sample 

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