Strength/ Accessory Program

Strength/ Accessory Program

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Introducing our 8-week Strength/Accessory progression program! With 3 sessions per week, alternating between Upper and Lower Body, this program is perfect for building muscle, gaining strength, and breaking plateaus.

Tried, tested, and designed to revolutionize your training routine.

Over the 8 weeks, you'll experience progressions that target fast twitch muscle fibers and enhance overall strength. Repeatable and versatile, this killer program delivers results. A video library demonstrating each movement and exercise is included.

Check out the amazing progress of Kristi O'Connell (128 lbs) and Patrick O'Connell (185 lbs) in various lifts below. 


Kristi O'Connell at 128lbs:

Front squat- 281

Deadlift - 380

12 rep deadlift - 285

Back Squat - 330

8 Rep Back squat 295

Patrick O'Connell at 185lbs:

Snatch - 290

Clean - 365

*Note: this is not an Olympic weightlifting program, however, getting stronger directly impacts your ability to snatch and clean heavier weight.*

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