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IBEX Training



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  Traveling might be inevitable or time may be limited as life gets busy, but it doesn't mean you have to skip your workout for the day! 

Every hotel tends to have SOME kind of gym! We have put together 30 FULL workouts to guide you while you are on the road, out of your regular routine. 

While creating these workouts we have kept simplicity in mind. We know you may have very little equipment, if any at all in some hotels! Most of these workouts do not require more than a set of dumbbells and/or a treadmill! The workouts have a bodybuilding/strength portion as well as a conditioning piece to get you a great pump and good sweat! 

What if there are no dumbbells or no gym?! We have you covered! As long as you can find space, we included a few body weight AND pool workouts!! 

Maybe you get a killer hotel gym -- We have you covered! There are a few elaborate workouts for this set up!

Keep this in you back pocket so next time you travel YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE but to get a great sweat in and stay on track to reaching your fitness goals!! 


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